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Pause sequence playback with Acknowledge Request


Pause sequence playback with Acknowledge Request



I am in development of a HoloLens experience and faced the following issue:

  • Sequence created in Creo Illustrate 4.2, displayed in HoloLens correctly,
  • I am using $scope.$on('newStep', function(evt, arg) to display sequence step information during playback.

After a step is played (using play event), the sequence is switched to the next step.

Thus the information I am displaying using newStep is automatically overwritten with the data related to the next step.


I am looking for a possibility to pause the sequence playback after a step is played.

In Illustrate there is a possibility to use Acknowledge to pause the playback and theres is an Acknowledge Request among the studio events, but I did not figure out how to tie those together.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Pause sequence playback with Acknowledge Request

So far I know there is an event what we can use

The following steps

1.) in Creo Illustrate define for a step 


then when we publish to pvz and play in Creo View the sequence we can see the Acknowledgement:


2.) ON the HoloLense then we could use the Model Event "Acknowledge Requested"


Where we can use some code like this :

$scope.speak = function(spokenText){ 
var msg = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance(spokenText);

$scope.AcknowledgeEvent = function()
$scope.speak("Acknowledge occured!");

callback function and we  will hear the text "Acknowledge occurred.

When we are calling "playAll" service here via double tap then it will stop the sequence after the acknowledge event and we need again the call playAll to continue the sequence until the end of the sequence  or until next acknowledgement occurs.  I did not test it further but may be we can implement more  complex logic to continue or to play the current step event  again . In this case we need also to evaluate the arguments of the "stepstarted" and "stepcompleted" events

The Acknowledge message is also coming as argument in the step event. For more info you can check these posts:


"Display sequence step names from Creo Illustrate"


"Repeat current step"