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Laptop Video Cards

21-Topaz II

Laptop Video Cards

Hello all,

Our IT guy is spec'ing out some new CAD laptops and I wanted to poll the group on the latest recommendations on video cards.  These will be used for:

  *   Proe / Creo from WF4 to Creo 2
  *   Solidworks 2012 and up
  *   Keyshot
  *   Autodesk Sketchbook
  *   Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

Here's what he sent me:

Bigger is usually better (more memory), and I am NOT interested in the AMD options (unless you have heard otherwise), so I am looking at the K1100 for the smaller option, or the K3000/3100 or K4000/4100 for the larger option.

The ones available are -

The 15 in screen laptops come with  -
AMD(r) FirePro(r) M4000 Mobility Pro Graphics with 1GB GDDR5
NVIDIA(r) Quadro(r) K1100M with 2GB GDDR5

The 17 in screen laptops come with  -
AMD(r) FirePro(r) M6000 Mobility Pro Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 [Included in Price]
NVIDIA(r) Quadro(r) K3000M with
NVIDIA(r) Quadro(r) K4000M with
AMD FirePro M6100 w/2GB GDDR5 [Included in Price]
Nvidia(r) Quadro(r) K3100M w/4GB
Nvidia(r) Quadro(r) K4100M w/4GB
Nvidia(r) Quadro(r) K5100M w/8GB

Any recommendations or feedback?


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