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locked license


locked license

Good morning
We have shared licenses and on occasion one will lock up. This forces you to get out of PROE and reopen it but the
License you were using is not usable until it clears which can be over an hour. Is there a way to unlock it manually.
6 licenses and 6 users, if one hangs one person doesn't work

Paul Adams
Sonics & Materials
53 Church Hill Rd.
Newtown, Ct 06470

203-270-4600 ext 347


Yes you can use the batch file called ptcflush and use ptcstatus to see what is going on.

First go to a command window and if you have simple install your load point bin directory should be in your path. Otherwise you will need to change directory over to you loadpoint bin and then find the ptcstatus.bat file located there. From the command line type in ptcstatus and it will give you a list like this.


Once you have the list find the user that you want to get off the list, then use ptcflush to remove them. Type in ptcflush and it will show you the syntax to use


There use to be a way to flush all licenses at once but I have not used this in some time so I do not remember.


If you don't use the handle it will flush all the licenses.

At least that's what I remember. If the user is actively working they will regain the license right away.

However your limited in how often you can flush. You can't flush the license every minute and gain access to unlimited licenses.

David Haigh
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