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sBatch & PlotDate corrupted Pro/E

21-Topaz II

sBatch & PlotDate corrupted Pro/E

WF4 32, Windows7 64

OK, so I downloaded and installed sBatch and PlotDate, formerly from
Spekan now part of the 'uTools' suite of Pro/E utilities from USG
Innotiv Product Development. I've heard good things about sBatch
specifically, and I've used sPurge for some time, so I wanted to give
them a try.

Well, this morning Pro/E would lock up at launch. I noticed that I now
have a 'uTools' menu showing and there was a splash screen from USG at
start up as well. I decided to uninstall them both.

Now, while Pro/E will launch, it has interfered with the batch files
that I use to run a trail fail at start up to load client configs via a
mapkey. The mapkey still works if I run it manually, so I assume that
the trail file isn't running for some reason. Also, I still have the
'uTools' menu and I still get the splash screen and I still have the
uTools menu. It's not in my file, I've checked the date
stamp on those. Lastly, at startup I get this error message:

And I have this in my std.out file:

A pre 18.0 Pro/DEVELOP application "Spekan" was found.

For faster startup please add "REVISION 0.0" to C:\Program
Files\proeWildfire 4.0\text\protk.dat

How do I remove the rest of Spekan from my machine and restore the
running of my trail files at startup?

Doug Schaefer

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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Hi Doug,

I simple method to remove the splash screen and uTools startup is to remove the following entries from the protk.dat (located at <proe_loadpoint>\text):

name uTools
startup java
java_app_class uTools
java_app_start start
java_app_stop stop
allow_stop true
delay_start false
java_app_classpath D:\ptc\proe31\text\java\uTools.jar

Note: the entry REVISION 0.0 is used by PTC to activate faster startup (from WF5 on)

Best Regards,

Martein Schuttert

Team Leader Services Product Development

USG Innotiv

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