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Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx


Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx

Hi all,

I'm trying to connect my .NET agent to Thingworx using a secure websocket connection (WSS), I've already configured my tomcat, and from Chrome it works successfully on HTTPS.


1 - Every time i try to connect, the client gives me back this error 



2 - the client has been configured this way, using a config file for edit connection's details.



3 - I can't understand why i have to specify the location of the Server Certificate on the Client side!
     Doesn't it should be retrieved by the client on the initial handshake?

Thanks in advance!!


Re: Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx

Hello, Allessandron: 


Can you please post the error you are seeing?  It does not show up in the post.



-Chris Kaminski

Re: Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx

Hi ckaminski, I'm sorry for that :D
I've just edited.

Re: Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx

Ideally the server would provide it's public key and the intermediate CA key as well to build a route of trust to a known root.   If you have no known roots in your environment you would need to provide that to the end device.


Are you using a self-signed certificate?  Is so, the following properties are set to true, I assume:

  • ClientConfigurator.AllowSelfSignedCertificates = true
  • ClientConfigurator.DisableCertValidation = true


Re: Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx

Hi Alessandro,

What flavor of the .NET SDK are you using ? FIPS or AxTLS ?


Re: Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx

Hi @AlessandroN.


If you have found a solution to your problem, please post it here or mark one of the previous responses as the Accepted Solution.  If you are still having issues, please let us know.





Re: Connect Agent .NET by WSS to Thingworx

Hi, yes my configuration is:


// TLS
            CertFileInfo serverCertFileInfo = new CertFileInfo();
            serverCertFileInfo.FilePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ServerCertificateFilePath"].ToString();
            serverCertFileInfo.CertType = 1; // '0' for axTLS
            config.ServerCertFileInfo = serverCertFileInfo;
            CertFileInfo clientCertFileInfo = new CertFileInfo();
            clientCertFileInfo.FilePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ClientCertificateFilePath"].ToString();
            clientCertFileInfo.CertType = 1; // '0' for axTLS
            config.ClientCertFileInfo = clientCertFileInfo;
            KeyFileInfo keyFileInfo = new KeyFileInfo();
            keyFileInfo.FilePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ClientKeyFilePath"].ToString();
            keyFileInfo.Passphrase = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ClientKeyFilePassphrase"].ToString();
            keyFileInfo.KeyType = 0;
            config.ClientKeyFileInfo = keyFileInfo;
            config.AllowSelfSignedCertificates = Boolean.Parse(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AllowSelfSignedCertificates"].ToString());
            config.DisableCertValidation = Boolean.Parse(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DisableCertValidation"].ToString());


For the certificates, I'm using self-signed and I created them for the CA, .NET Application and TW Tomcat.
1- On the tomcat I've already set up the server.conf, indeed I'm able to use HTTPS by Chrome)

2- Chrome shows it as trusted, since I added the CA cert to my Windows (Client) trusted roots.

3- Actually i don't wanna validate Client cert on the server, just validate the Server.

3- I'm not able to connect with Thingworx over WSS since on the client it gives me back this error: "com.thingworx.communications.client.TwApiWrapper Error: 0 : [Error] twWs_Connect: Error trying to connect"