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composer hanging


composer hanging

Hi All,

  Composer is not opening.It is hanging so many times.Anyone please help me out.


Surekha N.


Re: composer hanging

Hello Surekha!


Are you still facing this issue or did you manage to solve it in the meantime?


If you are still facing this issue, I would like to mention:

- According to provided ApplicationLog, ThingWorx starts up:

2019-04-01 14:52:00.971+0530 [L: INFO] [O: c.t.s.ThingWorxServer] [I: ] [U: SuperUser] [S: ] [T: localhost-startStop-1] Thingworx Server Application...ON

- Right after ThingWorx gets started, a lot of errors related to the database (H2) are logged


In order to know what is causing those database errors and to figure out if that is causing your issue when logging to Composer, we will need some analysis and investigation.



1) What do you actually see when you try to login to Composer? Do you see any error? A screenshot can be helpful.

2) What do you mean with "it is hanging so many times"? Does that mean you manage to login but then Composer gets unresponsive?

3) You have provided ApplicationLog and ScriptLog. Could you please also provide ErrorLog, SecurityLog, ConfigurationLog and CommunicationLog under /ThingworxStorage/logs? If you compress all of them into a ZIP, that will be easier to upload & download.

4) Can you please also provide Tomcat logfiles under <Tomcat_installDir>/logs? (catalina.out, catalina.log, tomcat8-stderr.log, tomcat8-stdout.log). Again, you can compress all of them into a ZIP and that will be easier.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question.


Best Regards,



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