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Extract metadata outside of Vuforia Studio


Extract metadata outside of Vuforia Studio

Hi everyone, I appreciate the tutorial on How to incorporate metadata inside of Vuforia. 

Now, I want to extract the metadata BEFORE loading the pvz into Studio.

How can I extract the file model.metadata.json outside of Vuforia? 


I want to create a procedure that could access to a series of pvz file into a folder of my desktop and copy/paste the metadata into the "/.../Resources/Uploaded" folder. 


Anyone has some help?


Hi @leonardosella ,


so far, I know the current implementation of Studio for the extraction of the metadata is working only in the context of the UI as integral part of the Studio dev UI. 

It seems that there is not a Studio library which could be used as standalone call - means to be called outside the Studio Dev environment. I believe, also such usage of the tool as standalone utility  is not intended /supported by PTC

The supported way currently for customers to extract the data form PVZ to json  is:

To use the Studio dev UI to load the pvz file to the upload folder  and to create the json file by selecting the metadata check box (also multi file select) later the files could be used in other projects

  • Another option is to use the Creo View Toolkit programming option to develop such tool / Creo View Java /JavaScript TOOLKIT  or Creo View WebToolkit (please see e.g.:


  • Or to purchase some tools developed by third party company /PTC dev partners /which implements this task. You can also contact the PTC presale team. Possibly some PTC presales departments has already develop such tools which are offered as extras service.

Unfortunately, I could not find information about such officially supported PTC tools for the general use.

I checked also the pvsoptimize tools argument sbut seem that the Documents\VuforiaStudio\Projects\node_modules\cad-import-filters\import_filters\bin\pvsoptimize.exe -? or -H 

There are not any supported parameters for metadata output. So far my observation the metadata extraction is done by some code written to temp files metadataService.js - commonProperties.js which are generated in the  UserProfile\Documents\VuforiaStudio\Projects\node_modules\.cache\nyc  directory but I  do not think that it is easy to use them because the javascript code there is encrpyted 

Hi Roland! It's been almost a year since this post. Has this changed? Can we now derive metadata outside of the UI? Thanks!

Hey @HectorAtLmco ,

I did requested info by PTC R&D team  if there are some changes in the meantime. Ticket Jira  VTS-683. I will provide here the feedback from R&D Team. Thanks

Hi @HectorAtLmco ,

I checked the internal ticket Ticket Jira  VTS-683 status is still enhancement where dev team consider soon implementation but there is no info about a deadline 

BUT it seems that there is already a TWX extensions which implements the extraction of the JSON of pvs file. Furter more it seem to extract more information as UI  in the post ( solution posted by@sgreywilson ) there you can find information about this extension

and the extension could be downloaded on github

possibly could be helpful in your case. (there are also complete java src files - so possibly you can use 2 clases and outside TWX)

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