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Start tracking on button press


Start tracking on button press

Is there a way to delay the tracking so that it begins after pressing button instead of when the view is loaded?


Hi @micah ,


if you mean start tracking - the go into scan mode. Yes. It depends what you experience will call on start.

For example, if you can call the experience via deep link / or reading a QR code. In this case you can  set the start View (experience setting) :




- you start view could be a 2D view containing only 2d texts and buttons.

When you click a button then you can call e.g. :


//navigate to the view 'TESTVIEW''TESTVIEW');


Which will call another view - 3D view which contains a target (model target, image target, spatial target or thingmark) - then the app will go then in scan mode.

Another option / depends on your current context  if applicable / is to call the scan mode directly  via service:


$scope.init = function(){
$timeout($scope.$root.$broadcast('app.view["Home"].wdg["scan-1"].svc.startScan'),500);"init was called at time: "+Date(


$ {$;}


In my view I want to have the generated target outline, so the user can try to line up the target before tracking.


What CSS do I use for the image to ensure it scales across different devices?

So far I remember the question was how to delay the tracking.

Regarding to the "line up the target" of the tracking - I am  not sure what is meant here.

Do you mean the size of the scanning box , or something else?



And should this change will be applied generally or only for specific targets types … etc.

Could you explain more detailed, please? May be , providing some picture for clarification will be a good idea here –

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