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Altuim and the WGM


Altuim and the WGM

Hello Everyone,

We have purchased a handful of the Altium Workgroup Managers.  We are currently running Windchill 10.2 M020 with latest CPS.  I have been unsuccessful at bringing anything from Altium into a workspace or connecting it to a new Ecad design.  PTC documentation is very poor if you ask me on how all this is suppose to work.  I assumed this WGM would function just like the AutoCAD or Solidworks WGM.  If anyone has any home made training material they would be willing to share so I can start to see how this thing works that would be great.  The version of Altium I am working with is 14 but I have been told version 16 works but is not officially supported. 

5-Regular Member

Hi Wayne - I am the Technical Account Specialist here at PTC focused on the ECAD tools and would be happy to help show you how to manage your Altium data in Windchill. Please let me know when you might have some time to get together and review. Also, I have a webinar scheduled for 12:00pm today (4/27) at 12:00pm ET that will be going over the basic process. The weblink is here if you would like to register and attend.

Hello Linda Mazzitelli,

Thanks for sharing the link and it was a great webcast. Is it possible to get a recording of this webinar?


Binesh Kumar


I would like to get more info on ECAD workgroup managers, Altium specifically, and would like to view the webinar if it was recorded. Thank you.



I'll reiterate Starkey's comment and ask if there is a recording of the webinar available.  We are at the very early stage of looking at managing ECAD data (possibly Altium) with Windchill, so any information beyond spec sheets would be helpful.

Actually just found it on the PTC site.



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Hi Erik/All - Sorry for the delayed response.

Please see link here to the webinar recording: View the Creo View ECAD Data Management with WGM 10.2 Webinar on-demand webcast | PTC

Any other questions, please let me know and I'll be happy to help!

Best regards,


Linda, I am one of the CAD/PLM Administrators for the ELM Team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory...We are begining the process of integrating Altium Designer 17 into our Windchill 11.0 system...


I am very interested in taking a look at that webinar...but the link takes me to a page with an Ad spot overview of Creo View ECAD...Do you happen to have another link to that webinar?


Thank you for your time.




 Here is the link to the Webinar. 




Steelcase currently has Altium 17 working through the WGM 10.1 successfully and we are about to go live in January with Altium 17 and WGM 11.0.  I would be happy to answer any technical or strategy questions you may have.

Thank you pwilliams, that is very generous.

Our current system is very MCAD centric but we need to include support for Altium.

Where to you have any suggestions about where to begin?

- I am new to the Windchill side of things and I am not sure what pieces need to be in place for everything to function properly.

   - Are there special configurations that need to be turned on in windchill to take advantage of the ECAD tools?

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