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Issues with including multiple sheets in a summary sheet.


Issues with including multiple sheets in a summary sheet.

Hi there,

I have a couple of calculation sheets and I am trying to incorporate them into a summary sheet.

If I include sheet 1 first, it returns the valves from that included sheet.

However if I include sheet 2 below it some of the values are failing saying that the variable is undefined, however it clearly is.  (Summary 1)

If you look at Summary 2 however I have reversed the order of the included sheets and the opposite happens ?????

Has anyone got an idea as to what the issue could be??

Its annoying because it says that there are errors in the worksheet but there isn't.

I am actually trying to summarise 6 sheets, these are just two of them .


23-Emerald II

First off: it helps if you introduce your problem in a discussion rather than a document. A discussion provides more options for feedback.

Second: I cannot evaluate your sheets fully, because Inputs.mcdx contains a collapsed area with programming. I'm limited to Prime Express which means for me: no programming and no symbolics, amongst others.

Then to your problem: I did not look in detail to the calculations, but rather to the sheet structure:

The Summary.mcdx sheet throws me an error, I cannot open it, something with unsupported format.

The Summary2.mcdx sheet opens and first includes Sheet1 then does some evaluations then it includes Sheet2 and does some further evaluations. Now the first possible problem I observe is with Sheet1 and Sheet2: They both start with including the Inputs sheet. This means that your Summary2 sheet essentially consists of, in order:

-The full contents of the Inputs sheet (Including the collapsed area!).

-The full calculations of Sheet1.

-The first part of evaluations of the Summary2 sheet.

-The ful contents of the Inputs sheet....AGAIN. Note that all the variables already known are redefined!

-The full calculations of Sheet2.

-The second part of evaluations of the Summary2 sheet.

The repetition of the Inputs sheet does not necessarily result in problems, but it might.

If you are limited to Prime Express (like me), and got the Inputs sheet from someone else (who has full Prime) and the evaluations of the summary sheet depend on the programs in the collapsed area of the Inputs sheet then you're suffering from the same limitation I have. It would mean that the inclusion of Sheet1 at some point (once you've scrolled to the evaluation that requires a program from the collapsed area in the Inputs sheets) is flagged with an error.

If you have full Prime, you have to look where a redefinition of one of the variables in Inputs after Sheet1's contents, could lead to an offending situation. Maybe it helps to delete the inclusion of the Inputs sheet from both Sheet1 and Sheet2, and instead include Inputs as a separate inclusion just before the inclusion of Sheet1 in Summary2.

Hope this helps.




As Luc notes, Summary.mcdx is corrupted.

If I change the include paths to match where I put the files then Summary2.mcdx does not show any errors for me (Prime 3.0).


Thanks for your help, its much appreciated.

Will double check everything.