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November Noteworthy Community Posts

Community Manager

November Noteworthy Community Posts



The “top engaged threads” this month for Creo were mostly older topics that stood out in views.  We are going to take the time to explore what Creo topics were interesting to community members this November and which community members engaged to make them great Creo conversations!


  1.  Creo:   @rmyers  provided a tip in 2015   "How to make scroll wheel zoom work in Windows 10 with Creo Parametric"  which received 35 Replies helping lots of community members with this issue!


  1. Creo:  @TK_9264516  added to his question to the 2019 conversation "Fatal Error encountered while working in Creo 5.0 Parametric" started by @Vue412    Thank you for engaging!  @MartinHanak @Mahesh_Sharma @Anil20 and @StephenW


  1. Creo:   @msingleton started the 2016 thread 'Placement' sub menu won't appear - what have I missed?  Great contribution by MartinHanak, @dschenken  @gmehta @AmitDeshpande  @cracusen @Villjay91


  1. Creo:   @booi started the 2015 thread How to switch license to new license server? I have problem to switch license from existing Creo 2.0 client laptop..  Thank you @MS_9692319 for adding to the conversation in November!


  1.  Creo: In 2015, @jcolon received an Accepted Solution for Ordinate Dimension Reference  Thank you for engaging on this thread! @dgrobe @dwelters @cbowes @tsaraf @jwindcoach @StephenW  @lgarcilazo  @creuz




  1.  ThingWorx:  @TammeyTWX  asked how Entities become non-editable after deployment as an extension



  1.   ThingWorx:    @atondorf started the Thingworx and current Chrome flooding the Application log conversation.


  1.  ThingWorx:   Topic Error executing GetJSON in service - Invalid Content Type: text/html  initiated topic by   @DV_9683959  became one of our top active posts for November! 


 9.  ThingWorx:   @OCMutzstarted the thread Thingworx 9.0 forces the use of Oracle Java SE Subscription License


10. Vuforia:  @HectorAtLmco  received a very detailed response and link to a help article for his PVS File Questions post.



11.  Windchill:  @PhilK  and @aaronjlarson had a great discussion around Report listing all Change Notices with associated Change Requests


12.  Windchill: In 2018, @mastachef  started a topic about Windchill APIs getting started  and received an Accepted Solution from @joshbybee   Thank you  @Sri @shambhabi , @rleir @Pradeepa for participating in this conversation!


13.  Windchill:  @HJ1bumped up a 2018 thread  Windchill packages  this month initiated by  @MikeLockwood  Thank you  @Dobrisa @JoahuaHouser @ChiselnMallet1 @BjoernRueegg @aaron87 @Behnam


14.  Windchill: @Marco_Tosin provided an Accepted Solution to   @VladiSlav  question about


How to generate a report of all completed Promotion Requests?


15. Arbortext:   @jwagh started a great topic around Arbortext instead of Adobe Illustrator for lineart on a product  Thank you @GarethOakes  and @briesenfor contributing to this thread!


16.   Arbortext:   @BobSpangenburg posted  Arbortext Diagnostic Information Type explanation and received an Accepted Solution from GarethOakes!


17.  Arbortext:   @xhuang started a topic Cannot checkout an uncounted license within a Windows Terminal Services guest session  Thank you, GarethOakes and @JeffStevenson for contributing to the thread!   JeffStevenson


18.  Windchill SSE:   @bson21  helped the 2018 conversation GIT Integration usage and overview started by  @ASailer gain some activity in November!  Thank you @Ted_Lin  @sdas-4  and @VolkerEckardt for participating in this thread!


19.  Windchill SSE:  This 2018 post by @fjacksch   PTC Integrity 11.0 + Direct MKS Java API server access received top views in November.


20.  Windchill SSE:    @amund  started the conversation Query for all contents of a specific segment/document

Thank you @LLawton  for participating in this open discussion!


21.  Windchill SSE:   @MP_9692974  received a link to one of our knowledgebase articles.


For his question about PTC Integrity Modeler and Lifecycle manager integration with mksapi64.dll  Great use of knowledge!


22.  Mathcad:   @MS_8437498 revitalized 2013 MathCAD Units Help thread started by @ptc-4992678



23.  Mathcad: Excellent graphs found in the thread How to plot a point in 3-D and rotation of the point? started by @lvl107


24.  Mathcad: @ptc-4817179 helped this 2016 How to convert XMCD file into MCDX format conversation by @dkothia become more active again.  Thank you all who contributed to this Mathcad thread!


@ValeryOchkov   @Stephanie   @RichardJ   @Beau   @rein  @ptc-5639607  @VladimirN  @pmacedofh 

@Qweropast @Fred_Kohlhepp @ptc-5039607 @dtrowbridge @Nisarg @sethaj @aarthay @AdriCreu @ProfJ  @WashedUpLaxBro    


25.  Mathcad:  Community Manager loves the dialogue in this discussion post How to plot a cup ? ….. "Follow your hint and do exercise, trap a fly underneath" initiated by @IvI107