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PTC Community Monthly Stand-Out January 2023


PTC Community Monthly Stand-Out January 2023

See the Top Community Engagers and the Top Noteworthy posts for the month of January.


Top January 2023 Community Engagers: 


@Werner_E @ttokoro @MartinHanak @HelesicPetr @tbraxton @jensc @TomU @Cornel @Pascal_Brunet @lvl107 @Sathishkumar_C @StephenW @LucMeekes @avillanueva @pausob @VladimirN @BenLoosli @Bernhard @alcubierre @jferguson4 @pshashipreetham @terryhendicott @BTaylor_MEI 




Below are some of the top engaging or most viewed PTC Community topic threads for January 2023!  See if your community username made this list!  Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


1. Creo: NormanParra asked how to drag up the green line at the bottom of an assembly tree or part features. Great contributions by MartinHanak, kdirth and Chris3


2. Creo:  JG_10559632 received an accepted solution from kdirth for topic Cosmetic Thread in drawing. Thank you, @StephenW , @tbraxton , and @msmith  for contributing to the conversation!


3. Creo: Thank you Lars_F for providing an accepted solution for CS_10559331 on this topicCreo 7 3D Cabling Repeat Region and Wire Length

4. Creo: JG_10559632 needed help with UDF Editing and FriedhelmK offered him an accepted solution. Thank you, @tbraxton also for your contribution!


5. Creo: A question about Tracking down a circular reference was posted by CC_9311904 and an Accepted Solution was provided by Tdaugherty! 


6. ThingWorx: M4RC gave an Accepted Solution to alcubierre for the topic QueryNamedPropertyHistory does not show anythingThank you, @PaiChung for your input as well!


7. ThingWorx: The topic timing based on event triggering services, posted by Hariharasuthan received an accepted solution provided by DanZ


8. ThingWorx: jensc provided a speedy response and Accepted Solution to the inquiry by Hariharasuthan about Generate file or reports.


9. ThingWorx: Mattie555 needed help with Move File From One Repository To Another and Sathishkumar_C provided a quick Accepted Solution.


10. ThingWorx:  AS_1307 posted the topic Issue in creating Thing using RESTAPI and received an Accepted Solution from nmutter. Thank you @DmitryTsarev and @nmilleson for your contribution!


11. Vuforia: Martini3119 shared a post about Creo Illustrate latest supported version. Thank you AmandaZupfer for providing an Accepted Solution!


12. Vuforia: Pawel_D posted a topic about Invoke 3D Audio widget Service "Play". Thanks RolandRaytchev for contributing with the Accepted Solution!


13. Windchill: tjerome posted the topic Creating a Windchill Dev Environment for Testing and received an Accepted Solution by ML_10533213. Thank you @TomU  and @avillanueva for contributing as well!


14. Windchill: MV_10441462 asked how to create a group and add an existing group as member using the LoadFromFile utility and Pascal_Brunet provided the Accepted Solution.


15. Windhill: wharaden1 asked about Vault fill up with an Acccepted Solution by mmeadows-3. Thank you for contributing cstein, Marco_Tosin, BenLoosliavillanueva!


16. Windchill: Sha11 asked how to Introduce a new tab in WTDocument Page and HelesicPetr provided an Accepted Solution!


17. Windchill: Ely_64 needed Help on deprecated Windchill APIavillanueva delivered an Accepted Solution. Thank you @HelesicPetr for participating!


18. Mathcad: PavanShetty_077 needed help Extracting Data from 2 variables and terryhendicott provided the Accepted Solution!  Thank you, @JKT for also participating in the conversation!


19. Mathcad: xyz123 experienced Convergence problems with functions and sampled signals and ttokoro helped with an Accepted Solution. Thank you @Werner_E for participating as well!


20. Arbortext: "can someone explain me about ttrevclear how to let it work?" was eyeung's question, which received an Accepted Solution from ChrisWestern. Thank you!










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