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September 2021 Noteworthy Posts

Community Manager

September 2021 Noteworthy Posts

Below are the top engaging or most viewed PTC Community threads for September 2021!  See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


1.  Mathcad:   @Mko started the Running Mathcad with Windows 11 post

Thank you @o.svahn @VladimirN @ppal    and  @MartinHanak  for contributing to the conversation!


2.  Mathcad:   @jadornonunez asked about Reference Tables in Mathcad 7 and received helpful advice from @terryhendicott @VladimirN @LucMeekes @Fred_Kohlhepp , and StuartBruff ! Thank you everyone for your contributions!


3.  Mathcad:     @SS_9781956 received an Accepted Solution from @Werner_E   for the post Programming and scalar  Thank you StuartBruff, LucMeekes, Fred_Kohlhepp, and @ttokoro for also contributing to the discussion.   


4. Mathcad:   @MS_9880453 started the discussion Function that shows the equation that was used in a satisfied condition and received help from @terryhendicott , StuartBruff,  and LucMeekes.  Thank you, all!


5.  Mathcad:    @SFares received an Accepted Solution from @StuartBruff  for the Nonlinear Incremental/Iterative solution  post.


6.  Creo: @lockarde helped out @BG_9869104  with his follow up inquiry on the Mapkey Writing/Editing Tips originally posted in 2016 by @lhoogeveen.


Thank you, @psobejko @Trebla  @drutledge-2 @LawrenceS  @tleati @staitinger @tbladt , and @ggalli  for contributing to the conversation!


7.  Creo: @Sandy1 started the Importing assembly.asm as part? discussion.  Thank you, @Hidetaka @mashton-2 and @StephenW for contributing to the thread!


8.  Creo:  @srosell asked about Read/write parameters on dimensions Thank you @FV and @RPN 

for sharing in the discussion!


9.  ThingWorx:  @Egor.Litvinov asked about ThingWorx Alert to MS Team .  Thank you  @carloquinonez for providing helpful advice!


10.  ThingWorx:    @Telles received an Accepted Solution for the post about TW + ESP8288 Training


11.  ThingWorx:  @EM_9923519 asked about How to add sort functionality to all columns in an Advanced Grid


12.  ThingWorx:  The RabbitMQ and Flink Certificates/SSL Guide Request conversation was started by @Billy with great suggestions from members of PTC’s Tech Support Team.  Check out this thread!


13.  ThingWorx:   @PK_10027579 started a discussion about ThingWorx server launch error


14. Vuforia: @Lucas  started a discussion and received helpful advice for the topic of Arrow Navigator


 15.  Vuforia:     @RK_9880418 started the conversation Can I display the percentage of scaling during zoom in or zoom up? Thank you @Suraj_Patil  for the thorough reply!


16. Vuforia:  Lucas utilized eSupport articles to troubleshoot the issue Distance between camera and model and received an Accepted Solution!


 17.  Vuforia:   @AlexK received an Accepted Solution for the inquiry about Model-Item Color


18.  Vuforia:  @AllanThompson provided an Accepted Solution for the post provided by @ZL_9884170   about How to Identify devices of the same shape using model target?


19. Windchill:   @BenLoosli asked the community for advice around Windchill 11.1 Upgrade which started a great conversation!   Thank you all for contributing to this vibrant conversation thread!   @Florent @RandyJones @Ajit_Kulkarni @d_graham @ScottMorris @TomU @joe_morton and @hanson for


20. Windchill:  @rleir received an Accepted Solution from @rhart  for the topic URLTemplateAction could generate JSON


21.  Windchill:  @BrianToussaint asked for help with Creo View Not Launching

Thank you @STEVEG   and @Chris3   for providing support!


22. Windchill:   @VladiSlav received an Accepted Solution from @joe_morton for the inquiry related to Creating a report based on information from the Promotion Request. Thank you @MikeLockwood   for your reply as well.  @Marco_Tosin  we appreciate your thorough contribution with links to supporting threads to help!


23.  Arbortext:  @ED_9927023   received an Accepted Solution from @GarethOakes    for the inquiry ACL Single filepath data processing vs Batch Files Data processing logic


 24.  Arbortext:  @bfriesen received an Accepted Solution from GarethOakes for the inquiry around Pdf Creation Font Error

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