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Graphics card performance testing


Graphics card performance testing

We are in the process of testing workstations. We are testing the Dell T3500 with the OCUS, a customized OCUS with our data and our own benchmark.

We are testing four different graphics card with this T3500. The Nvidia Quadra FX 580, 1800, 3800 and 4800. One would think that you would getdrastically different results.We are seeingthat the graphics relatedresults within the benchmarks seem to be pretty much the same.

So if we take the OCUS5 benchmark as an example we find that the graphics data only differs by 5-15 seconds. I'm wondering if the OCUS stresses the graphics card at all...

I was wondering what everyone else does for testing and stressing graphics cards or how they evaluate new workstations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

John Hengel





I've only done some basic comparisons, but only between generations of systems (e.g., Dell Precision 390 vs. Dell Precision T3500) to justify upgrading from our older systems. I reviewed the nVidia datasheets ( as well as looked at data compiled by PNY (see attached, I didn't see it on the website anymore) to configure the system to be ordered. When I received it, I ran SPECviewperf 10 to get a baseline, but again, I haven't compared different video cards.

Willy Chung
SurfaceInk Corporation - Boston

Go with the FX 580 or 1800.
Look at the proe-04 scores (not SPECviewperf).
They both have top-notch performance in Pro/E, and do not cost much.

ProE is not a video game. Professional OpenGL applications use old libraries, so all the new fancy stuff in the new cards will most likely not be used. I found the same thing, ProE wants lots of RAM and a fast single core CPU. If you want to get the most out of your hardware you might have to pick a different CAD/CAM system, one with a more current graphics system.


The Average Joe

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