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decimal placement


decimal placement

Good morning.

Fired up my machine this morning to wrap up a drawing from last night and I have issues....

The decimal placement in drawing options is showing default of 3, yet on the actual drawing it show a single value.

I have ensured the proper decimal numbering in the drawing options is correct. It seems to be in the format of the drawing as I opened a new generic drawing and checked the decimal placement and it is correct. My worst case scenerio is to redo the drawing in the correct format but I'm 14 pages deep and really dont want to do this.

Is there a way to reset the demical placement in the current drawing?

and as always, Thanks for the help.

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See if you have the trailing zeroes enabled.

If the default is set to 3 I'm not sure why it wouldn't show 3, but you can always select the dimensions, right-click and in the properties change the decimal places to 3. Remember you can hold control to select and edit multilple dimensions at once. This will at least prevent you from having to redo the drawing.

still no joy.

instead of the normal decimal placement, I get this...

example. prior to the gremlins invading my machine,



now I get just a single digit.



Its driving me batty!

and thanks

GOT IT!!!!

you gents are a wealth of knowledge!

Thanks for putting up with me....!

Were you going to let us in on your discovery

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