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How to bind data with chart?


How to bind data with chart?

Is there some way to bind data from ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity to charts?


I have a mashup with several informations (already comunicating with my PLC throught of Industrial Connectivity).


I used this guide to try do it but in this case it just show how create chart with manual inputs and I want bind data from my Industrial Connectivity.


Does someone know about it?



Hi @einsfele,


in generally you need to bind a thing property where the values are logged in a value stream to the   Vuforia chart widget.

For example you can use the QueryPropertyHistory  Thingworx service to connect the values from the value stream to the chart  - here is an  example where Time series chart is used


may be this topic could be also als helpful:  How to bind the startDate for a Time Series Chart?

at the end I found the topic what I think will also helpful.

In this topic is shown the case  when you have a value stream with values and timestamp. In the mention topic the value are shown  in a DataGrid widget but the principle is the same. So the clue here is that we can define a service  for particular property Name and  using e.g. as Input StartTime and EndTime ( fromat "YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS Z")

We can call this service from Studio to get the desired data for a property and for a defined  time range:


Here example for test in Thingworx:



And bind the dataGrid Widget data to service getChartDataMinMax in Studio:



And thest then in preview mode:



please, check also this topic : External Data - Date&Time forma


Additional here example how to use the mention service getChartDataMinMax (here with default service values) for a bar chart widget:


and the display in preview:


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