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creating buttons every sequence with the same model


creating buttons every sequence with the same model


how to create multiple buttons that corresponds to a certain sequence within a model? all steps is in one model but different sequence




Re: creating buttons every sequence with the same model

Will you please elaborate the issue You are facing?

Re: creating buttons every sequence with the same model

I created different buttons for each sequence. ex. if i press step 1 it will show the sequence 1, step 4 shows sequence 4.

Re: creating buttons every sequence with the same model

Ok no issue 

please refer the link below, You will get the answer

Re: creating buttons every sequence with the same model

Hi @jc2 ,


yes this possible but  not trivial , but still with some programming efforts could be achieved

So I believe you want to have something like this /it is only test about the base principle





And when you click on the list with the step numbers, then  it should play the correct step / e.g. Figure 1 step 8 and later step 12:




To do this you need to extract first the sequence of this model to json / which could be saved in the project upload folder.  e.g. file "model-1-sequence-step-list.json"



[{"name":"Figure 1","filename":"l-Creo 3D - Figure 1.pvi","$$hashKey":"object:114","StepList":[{"stepNumber":1,"StepName":"Step 11"},{"stepNumber":2,"StepName":"Step 12"},{"stepNumber":3,"StepName":"Step 2"},{"stepNumber":4,"StepName":"Step 3"},{"stepNumber":5,"StepName":"Step 4"},{"stepNumber":6,"StepName":"Step 5"},{"stepNumber":7,"StepName":"Step 6"},{"stepNumber":8,"StepName":"Step 7"},{"stepNumber":9,"StepName":"Step 8"},{"stepNumber":10,"StepName":"Step 13"},{"stepNumber":11,"StepName":"Step 9"},{"stepNumber":12,"StepName":"Step 10"}]},{"name":"Figure 2","filename":"l-Creo 3D - Figure 2.pvi","$$hashKey":"object:115","StepList":[{"stepNumber":1,"StepName":"Step 1"},{"stepNumber":2,"StepName":"Step 2"},{"stepNumber":3,"StepName":"Step 3"},{"stepNumber":4,"StepName":"Step 9"},{"stepNumber":5,"StepName":"Step 12"},{"stepNumber":6,"StepName":"Step 13"},{"stepNumber":7,"StepName":"Step 14"},{"stepNumber":8,"StepName":"Step 15"}]}]



The list above contains some element as object and $$hasKey. This elements are not really necessary but are added in the list because I created it automatically form Vuforia Studio. And they are not used but also will not disturb the further work


And the you can  load the json file from the upload folder on project start (e.g. modelLoad event)



 $rootScope.$on('modelLoaded', function()  
$scope.readJsonFile= function(jsonFile){
  $http.get('app/resources/Uploaded/' + jsonFile).success(function(data, status, headers, config) {
   console.log("list was red in $scope.readJsonFile")
   console.log(JSON.stringify( $scope.sequenceStepList))

 }).error(function(data, status, headers, config) {console.log("problem in the http will create a new "); 
                                                   $scope.READFILE==false})"$scope.readJsonFile() was called !");



So the code will load the json file and will set it to a js variable, here:  $scope.sequenceStepList

You can then create a binding between the sequenceList property of the model widget the select widget list property




in the next step    for the select widget you can define the following function to handle the change event (selectChange() )



$scope.selectChange= function () {
  var found = findElement( $scope.sequenceStepList,'filename' ,$scope.view.wdg['select-1']['value']);




This function(above) will now fill the list widget with the step for the selected Figure /sequence

Now (below)  we can define a function which should call the step number when we click the step in the list:



$scope.goList = function(event, data) {  
 //set a parameter with the clicked step number - here not relevant
$ = data.stepNumber; 

////////////////////////////////// MOBILE  
//definition of the function
$ = function (sequence,modelName,step_number,play) {
 //sequnece -sequnece name e.g. TestFigure1 - as shown in UI
//modelName - model name e.g. model-1 widget
//step_number - set this number to current step
//play   true/false execute play for the model
   $timeout(function () {
  $scope.$applyAsync(()=>{$scope.setWidgetProp(modelName, 'sequence',  '');});

  $timeout(function () {
  $scope.$applyAsync(()=>{$scope.setWidgetProp(modelName, 'sequence',  'resources/Uploaded/'+sequence);}); 

  $timeout(function () {
  $scope.$applyAsync(()=>{$scope.setWidgetProp(modelName, 'currentStep', parseInt(step_number));});
 if(play)   //check if play should be applyed
 $timeout(function () {angular.element(document.getElementById(modelName)).scope().play();  }, 100)
   //angular.element(document.getElementById(modelName)).scope().play(); }, 100);
           , 500);




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