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how to get model information from windchill


how to get model information from windchill

Goodmorning everyone,
the setup of the AR experience I'm working on is based on a license that includes Thingworx, ptc navigate and windchill. All working and connected to Vuforia. 
I need to build an application that produces the following actions:
1. load a pvz model;
2. Once I have clicked on a component in the model, I must be able to trace the code of the clicked component

Regarding point 2 it is not clear to me how to interact with Thingworx, so as to go back to:
- production order
- assembly code
- part code

passing through Windchill.

Anyone have any ideas on how to setup the project in Thingworx?


Re: how to get model information from windchill

Hi @leonardosella ,


I think there is no direct option to access  the Windchill data e.g. REST API or windchill custom API directly from Vuforia because of CORS restriction . The only way I think is to use Thingworx get/ set service where you can delegate the tasks for getting or setting data of Windchill. This means from the Vuforia Studio  point of view  , I think , is only this option what we have. Therefore I believe it is better if you address your question additional to the IOT PTC community groups:

May be someone looking in Vuforia community has also the knowledge to answer the question how to setup a service for accessing windchill  but I believe it more probable  that such knowledge is available in the IOT community.

If we have the option to access windchill via rest API there is a extensions in TWX which could performs such call. May be exist some services as part the Navigate extension  which could be used for this task, but here I hope some expert on this area could provide more help

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