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June 2021 Noteworthy Posts

Community Manager

June 2021 Noteworthy Posts



Below are the top engaging PTC Community threads for June!  See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


Two older Creo posts received top views last month!


1. Creo: This post by @ptc-1647943  regarding How to show or draw center mark
received top views last month! Thank you @SkyKing @troesch  @DavidButz  @ptc-759514 @vcpu14  @ptc-5114571 @BrandonCroft  @ptc-4877655 @JWayman  @sdensberger  @TomD.inPDX  @Dale_Rosema  for contributing to this thread!


2. Creo: The Centre of Gravity (CG) for parts, assemblies and drawings to be shown as icon? started by @Bhoopathy received top views last month! Thank you @pimm  @KenFarley  @BrianTaylor  @Shahbazk61 @ghkhkjhkjh  @rrich-2  @AntonioVieira   @Roy_Crerar  for contributing to the thread!


3. ThingWorx: @nahuel  received an Accepted Solution for his post Anomaly Detection Server Sizing


4. ThingWorx:  @Raja_Redeem  inquired if Google Single sign-on can be implemented with ThingWorx application as SSO?

5. ThingWorx:  @cbaurand  asked about Mqtt extension “System” user


6. ThingWorx:  @vcavic  started a post Add some Attributes in Part List


7. ThingWorx: @AP_9587236  asked about the textbox widget…But why the default values of infotable not passing to the Textbox widget.??


8. Vuforia Studio: @Qwtll received an Accepted Solution for his post regarding 3D Panel distance (currently too far)


9. Vuforia Studio:  @Qwtll  started another great post about How to reset whole experience while in AR World


10. Vuforia Studio:  @pjahn asked about Vuforia Experience Service on Linux-Best practive to run it as a daemon


11. Windchill:  @ScottMorris  received an Accepted Solution from @Ajit_Kulkarni for the inquiry about
WVS CAD Worker Optimization and Memory Management  Thank you @rhart and @BjoernRueegg  for participating in the thread!


12. Windchill:  @gmydoor-2  received an Accepted Solution from @d_graham  for his question regarding the code to republish failed jobs. Thank you, @BenLoosli  and  @BjoernRueegg  for contributing to the thread!


13. Windchill: @khimani_mohiki posted about WVS AfterLoader deleting secondary content with helpful responses from @MikeLockwood and @d_graham


14. Windchill:  @Ajit_Kulkarni  provided an Accepted Solution to post by @KevinBradberry  Modification Uploaded (blue plus sign)-how to clear it

15. Arbortext: In June, @rl  bumped up a thread Using HTTPS/SSL to connect to Arbortext Publishing Engine by @Tusken_Raider


16. Arbortext@EL_9959997  received some help from @GarethOakes   related to Error “All subprocesses are currently busy”


17. Windchill SSE:  @EP_9964574  revitalized the GIT Integration usage and overview
conversation started by @ASailer  Thank you, @bson21  @Ted_Lin  @sdas-4

18. Windchill SSE:  @Chittaranjan_11  asked about How to compute the count of Requirements having no Assigned User Set in a RQ Doc?


19. Mathcad:  @Cornel    got some help from  @LucMeekes on Bod Plot: Mathcad 15 vs Mathcad 11


20. Mathcad:  @SA_9950729  received an Accepted Solution from @ttokoro  for the topic Combo-box alternative methods of utilization


Thank you  @Fred_Kohlhepp  and @LucMeekes  for also participating in the conversation!


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