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Output as .ZIP file


Output as .ZIP file

I have windows 10 64 bit on which I am trying to convert .drw to .dwg in pro engineer 4.0. The file instead of converting in .dwg converts to zip archive which has the dwg files in it.

every time for opening the .dwg  file in autocad I have to extract the zip and then use .dwg in it.

Please help me....

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I don't have access to WF 4 anymore, but check your options. I remember their being some setting to automatically zip files. See if you have that set.

I haven't made any changes to file. Its the same setup installation on other computers where it works fine. Anyways Can you please tell where to look for this file if it helps and what to look for.

check for the option   preferred_save_as_type

if it is set, remove it.  (edit with notepad or wordpad)

The default locations for your is:

c:<load dir>/text

your start in directory (the one that is in your start icon)

If you have a different start up method, you need to check for other options where your may be placed



you may just want to output the file as a .dwg or .dxf from WF4

not able to find in the startup directory. I just want to output the file as .dwg but instead of creating a .dwg file it creates a zip file containing .dwg and 2-3 more files which I have to extract and then use in autocad.

Open up Windows Explorer. This is not Internet Explorer.

Double-click on the C: drive icon

Search for

There will be at least one file somewhere on the C: drive.

More help on finding files using Microsoft windows is available at the Microsoft web site.

Searching in Windows: frequently asked questions

23-Emerald IV

It sounds like your drawing may contain shaded views.  Creo/Proe is not able to embed these directly into the DWG file and instead saves them as separate images.  Take a look at this article from tech support.  It's written for Creo, but Proe has worked this way at least back to Wildfire 2.

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