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server failure


server failure

We lost an I/Link server and everything was changed to a "virtualized" location. The clients are returning an error ... "failed to take or refresh license" at login. We have checked and rechecked all host / domain names.

When launching Pro/E w/o a workspace, lmgrd has not been started yet & a FLEMlm error.

any thoughts?

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I'll appologize now for the fact that some of these questions probably seem trivial, but maybe they'll help.

I’m assuming you’ve already pinged the server and that comes out OK. How bad is the latency?

It sounds stupid, but verify the client and server are on the same release of Intralink (I know, just like the tech asking if a computer is plugged in Smiley Wink

Have you tried running a client locally on the server?

Can you run a ptcstatus.bat from a client?

Have you tried using the fully-qualified name of the server when entering the server location for the client?

Is the Intralink DSMU running correctly on the server?

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We had issue with virtual license server: VMWare is changing the MAC
address and invalidating the license file.

PTC response for our issue(we moved back to physical server for PTC
flexnet licensing): please note that not only FlexLm License server but
none of the PTC product installation is supported on Virtual Image like
VMWare.PTC has not tested this & does not recommend it.

Hope this will help.


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