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July 2021 Noteworthy Posts

Community Manager

July 2021 Noteworthy Posts



1. Creo: Lively discussion started by @T_F  about Color To Holes. Thank you for contributing to the thread! @KenFarley @pausob @AB_9239964 @MartinHanak @BenLoosli @S_Edgenear


2. Creo:  @J_Sattler  asked for help with Problem with placing a UDF on a sketch as reference Thank you!

@YaroslavSin and  @FV for contributing to the conversation!


3. Creo:  @AB_9239964 is enjoying using Creo for his Fun and Practice: Rectangular Helical Spring


4. ThingWorx:  @TanmeyTWX  started a conversation about Advanced Grid: is Editable actually not working


5. ThingWorx: @AP_9587236  received an Accepted Solution from  @vi1 for his post Import failed


6. ThingWorx:  @DanWolf  provided an Accepted Solution for the How to publish development to production thread started by @EM_9923519


7. ThingWorx:   @Nguyen_Khue  started a conversation Click on the icon and open new mashup


8. Vuforia:  @JD_9967989 started a conversation while playing with his model in Vuforia Creo Illustrate Animations Randomly dissolve

Thank you @whity and @Suraj_Patil   for contributing to the thread!


9. Vuforia:  @AS_9962540  received some help from @Suraj_Patil  and @dsgnrClarK  for his post
How can I add popup after the last step of sequence is finished?


10. Vuforia: @KS_  @KS_9982057 restarted the post Enable microphone on mobile devices created by @ClayHelberg  in 2019


11. Vuforia:  @BenAtLmco  received an Accepted Solution from @Suraj_Patil  for the post Automated Model Target Generation


12. Vuforia:  @SS_9757450  is getting assistance from @NA_nur   and  @ClayHelberg with his inquiry about Data Matrix Scanning Alternative in Vuforia.

13. Windchill:  @RME_DH  started the conversation Windchill Visualisation Job Queue Visibility
Thank you, @d_graham  @Marco_Tosin @STEVEG and @HJ1  for contributing to the discussion!


14. Windchill:  @mohitenw received an Accepted Solution from @imendiola   for the inquiry How to get latest revision of a WTPart using Windchill Rest API?


15. Windchill:  @avillanueva  worked with d_graham to solve Issue with Business Rule and ERPConnector


16. Arbortext:  @IC_9796729  asked about Arbortext Stylesheet Error


17. Arbortext: @khoward started the post IsoDraw 7.3 Fillet Thank you for proving helpful advice, @briesen



18. Arbortext:  @xhuang received an Accept Solution from @JeffStevenson  for the post error )-103): Cannot checkout an uncounted license within a Windows Terminal Services guess session.
Thank you  @GarethOakes  for contributing to the conversation!


19. Windchill SSE: @RN_9991146 @RN_9991146  asked How to extract data from ptc Integrity using API
Thank you  @kjain2  for collaborating!


20. Windchill SSE:  @EP_9964574  started a topic about Package State configuration (entry scripts in ModelStateDescriptor.txt)


21. Mathcad:  @RY_8246596  received an Accepted Solution from @-MFra- for the post Transfer Function solution Thank you for contributing to the conversation, @mvenich and @LucMeekes


22. Mathcad:  @Werner_E provided an Accepted Solution for the post Slice of a 3D Surface
created by @payman  Thank you  @ttokoro  for also contributing to the thread!


23. Mathcad:  @JCBanks  replied to a “throwback” 2003 Tri-diagonal Matrix Algorithm (TDMA) and provided some helpful algorithms!


24. Mathcad:  @ValeryOchkov asked for help with One specific three bodies problem (Mathcad Prime 6.0) Thank you Werner_E, LucMeekes,  @MG_9991200 for contributing!