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PTC Community Monthly Stand-Out February 2023


PTC Community Monthly Stand-Out February 2023

See the Top Community Engagers and the Top Noteworthy posts for the month of February.


Top February 2023 Community Engagers: 


@Werner_E @MartinHanak @avillanueva @jensc @tbraxton @HelesicPetr @VladimirN @TomU @Sathishkumar_C @LucMeekes @StephenW @BenLoosli @BryantMorgan @ValeryOchkov @pausob @kdirth @terryhendicott @skunks @KenFarley @ilyachaban @ttokoro 




Below are some of the top engaging or most viewed PTC Community topic threads for February 2023!  See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


1. Creo: @KA_10463142asked about Negative version level for product. Great contributions by @llie@StephenW@kdirth and @TomU. 


2. Creo: @MrSteveR_3 received an accepted solution from @YaroslavSin  for the topic ProSolidMdlnameCreate does not contain Csys. Thank you!


3. Creo: Thank you @tbraxton for providing an accepted solution for @gshockxcc on this topic -Square tubing. 

4. Creo: @AB_10071442needed help with this topic - How can I use a parameter to have a constant wall thickness parallel to the top plane in my model? @tbraxton offered him an accepted solution. Thank you, @KenFarley and @kdirth also for your contribution! 


5. Creo: A question about Layer rule based was posted by @MB_9236701 and an Accepted Solution was provided by @msmith. 


6. ThingWorx: @bchaudharygave an Accepted Solution to @RB_10191565 for the topic Dynamic Grid Configuration. Thank you, @jensc for your input as well! 


7. ThingWorx: The topic Chip Based Data Filter Query Output posted by @AS_10340651 received an accepted solution provided by @Sathishkumar_C. 


8. ThingWorx: @DanZ provided a speedy response and Accepted Solution to the inquiry by @jensc about Empty grid tooltip. 


9. ThingWorx: @eyli asked How can I run InfluxQL in ThingWorx to query data? and @VladimirRosu  provided a quick Accepted Solution. 


10. ThingWorx: @NH_shree posted the topic How to send the data from a table created in Hostinger Cloud Database to ThingWorx (version 9.3) ? and received an Accepted Solution from @jensc. 


11. Vuforia: @HK_10594428 shared a post about where can i get apk file for "vuforia"? not via google playstore. Thank you @pandersson for providing an Accepted Solution! 


12. Vuforia: @newieKek was Unable to see publish project in Hololens. Thanks @VladimirN for contributing with the Accepted Solution! 


13. Windchill: @Imad_Aposted the topic Empty Life Cycle History when checked-out and received an Accepted Solution by @avillanueva. 


14. Windchill: @SWeiler_9940261 asked about the License information page access and @Marco_Tosin  provided the Accepted Solution. Thank you @joe_morton@rhart@STEVEG and @ScottMorris for your contributions as well. 


15. Windhill: @SebastianR1984 asked about Get Product Enditem via API with an Acccepted Solution @bhushandd 


16. Windchill: Sha11 asked how to Send email to non-windchill users and HelesicPetr provided an Accepted Solution! 


17. Windchill: @SebastianDrees asked a question about Windchill JAVA_HOME and @dnordin delivered an Accepted Solution. Thank you @AndyHermanson for participating! 


18. Mathcad: @JBlackhole needed help with Cholesky decomposition & the LDL decomposition. finding D? and @Werner_E provided the Accepted Solution!  Thank you, @TH_10592087 for also participating in the conversation! 


19. Mathcad: @hsrao77needed to Convert XMCD to Prime format
and @VladimirN helped with an Accepted Solution. Thank you @DJNewman for participating as well! 


20. Arbortext: FOSI Tag Description Table was @BW_9476867's topic, which received an Accepted Solution from @GarethOakes.Thank you!