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PTC Community Monthly Stand Out-July 2022

Community Manager

PTC Community Monthly Stand Out-July 2022

We took a six month hiatus on highlighting Most Noteworthy Posts and Top Community Engagers of the month. We are now ready to resume with this PTC Community Monthly Stand Out post series.  Always check back here on the PTC Cooler to see the top community engagers and the top noteworthy posts of the month.


Top July 2022 Community Engagers:  


@TomU @VladimirN @tbraxton @MartinHanak @LucMeekes @Werner_E @HelesicPetr   @Shashi_Preetham 

@nmilleson @StephenW @Dale_Rosema @KK_10171856 @ttokoro @avillanueva @VeqTor @ValeryOchkov 

@XQ_10003318 @BenLoosli @S_Edgenear @HD_10225728 @d_graham @ppal @SrikanthM @Marco_Tosin 

 @JS_9824412  @GregoryPERASSO 




Below are some of the top engaging or most viewed PTC Community topic threads for July 2022!  See if your community username made this list!  Or, read more about a topic that interests you!  (Note:  Links to be added soon).




1.  Creo: @Nicolas_G  started the topic thread  Drawing report-BOM Report Region. Thank you for contributing to the thread @KenFarley @MartinHanak @Dale_Rosema !


2.  Creo:  Great collaboration from @tbraxton  @kdirth and @AB_9239964   for the Domed Surface topic thread started by @John.Pryal


3.  Creo:  @jferguson4 received an Accepted Solution from  @tbraxton  for the topic thread Can Shrinkwrap me make to use the existing tellestration on an imported quilted surface.


4.  Creo: Thank you  @SM_10081957   for coming back and marking the accepted solution when you discovered the answer to your question about Annotate Dimensions.  Marking solutions helps other community members to more easily find answers.   Thank you @BenLoosli  and @Mfridman for participating in the conversation!



5.  ThingWorx:   @HD_10225728  started  the topic thread Sending Image from Repository (not download Link) to SharePoint List  @PaiChung Senior PTC IoT Technical Architect gave some great feedback.  Check it out!


6.  ThingWorx:  The String replace not working topic by  @SB_9732186  is receiving great input from @nmilleson @VP_10348089  @SB_9732186 @M4RC @VladimirRosu and @wcui Feel free to add to this conversation!


7.  ThingWorx: @Shashi_Preetham   found an Accepted Solution with the help of @VladimirRosu for the topic  Subscriptions are not getting invoked, or delay in the invoke




8.  Vuforia Studio:   @Velkumar received an Accepted Solution from  @sdidier  for the topic Vuforia Studio collaboration with other users in runtime. Excellent contribution also in text and images by @Martini3119  and @vkrayushkin


9.  Vuforia Studio:  @RolandRaytchev provided an Accepted Solution for the topic Navigator/ zones of interest extension created by @KlemenM


10.  Vuforia Studio:   @CP_10187386  started the topic Binding ThingWorx infotable to the time series chart in Vuforia studio  Great contribution with a screenshot by @RolandRaytchev




11.  Windchill:   @SrikanthM  is sharing about the Windchill 12.1 in-place Upgrade asking about versions being overwritten.  An Accepted Solution by @TomU  and great contribution by @BenLoosli @MikeLockwood  @RandyJones  @LukaszMazur  and @ascorupco


12.  Windchill @ES_9976227  received an Accepted Solution from @HelesicPetr  for the topic How to change display of lifecycle status indicator (“Production” vs “In Work”).  Thank you @avillanueva  for also participating!


13.  Windchill:  What is an IBA? was asked by @jfrancis   a resource from the PTC Help Center is shared by @cgorni


 14.  Windchill:   @Sathish_Rosario  created the topic thread Promotion request status Rejected  with an Accepted Solution by @MikeLockwood and contribution by @joe_morton.  Thank You for your participation!




 15.  Arbortext:   @vigneshj received an Accepted Solution by  @GarethOakes for the topic Arbortext Publishing Engine-Accessing Activation file from network share  @VladimirN also contributed to the conversation.  Thank You!


16.  Arbortext:  @GarethOakes shared a PTC Help Center article to answer question by @bfriesen How to set the default stylesheet used by Publishing engine


17.  Arbortext:    @GregV asked about Licensing Error Gui points toward non-existent host ID An Accepted Solution given by  @GarethOakes  and contribution by @DmitryTsarev


18.  Windchill SSE:   @AD_10334222  received an Accepted Solution from  @kjain2  for the query Adding requirement to a test case via cmd




19.  Mathcad:   @LearningENG11  asked about Extracting Rows based on Array Values and received an Accepted Solution from @LucMeekes  Thank you  @terryhendicott  and @Werner_E  for contributing to the conversation!


20.  Mathcad:   @FC_10037391 asked about Mathcad plot in prime and got great responses by @ttokoro and @JD_10370348

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